Roo Filled Cow Hoof

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Beef Hoof Filled with Kangaroo

Does your dog enjoy chewing but you worry about raw bones splintering? 

Then hooves are a great alternative! Hooves are made from keratin - the same stuff our hair and nails are made from which is naturally layered in a way to prevent splintering.

These hooves are filled with delicious 100% dried Australian Kangaroo mince which your dog will love. They are a great long lasting chew, which depending on your dog can last anything from several hours up to weeks and even months.

While your dog will love the hoof on its own, you can also refill it once your dog eats all the Kangaroo mince out of it! Peanut butter is a great option for this!

100% Australian Beef hood and Kangaroo mince
Australian Made, No preservatives, No artificial colours and flavours, No additives - just dried goodness!