About Us

Welcome to All For Dogs!

All For Dogs (formerly known as Maasi & Misia) is a Melbourne-based brand and online store.
Lovingly named after a Tonkinese cat (Maasi) and a German Shorthaired Pointer puppy (Misia), the brand was created by a fur-parent who was frustrated with the lack of choice in quality pet accessories. The accessories we bought really just didn't stand up to the wear and tear that the highly energetic Misia bore on them, and even Maasi managed to destroy them after giving them a good chew! 

Misia (left) & Maasi (right)

All of this came about when this fur-parent had to take some extended time off work after sustaining a traumatic brain injury from a horse riding accident. She found herself with lots of time on her hands, so she started doing something she really enjoyed - crafting! And so Maasi & Misia's handmade range of rope accessories and cotton bandanas was created.
We have now expanded to offer so much more, and have shifted the perspective of what we envision our brand to be.
You see, since the creation of our brand Misia found a very important job to channel all her drive an energy into. Misia is now a Search and Rescue K9 in training (while still fulfilling her duties as Executive of Product Testing and Quality Assurance of course!).
Search & Rescue K9 Misia
The journey here was a rollercoaster, having learnt so much about animal behaviour, training, enrichment and living a happy life with your pet. We want everyone to have the best chance at living a fulfilling life with their pet, so we now offer a curated range of enrichment toys and treats, with more in the pipeline...