Toy Review | Kong Wild Knots Bear

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Toy Review | Kong Wild Knots Bear

In this Dog Toy Review I’ll cover:

  • A comprehensive written review by both myself and Misia
  • A video to provide a visual of the features, size comparisons, how Misia plays with it, and how it has held up.
  • Provide the link where you can buy yours! 

Kong Wild Knot Bear

Kong® is a personal favourite of mine when it comes to tough dog toys for Misia.

Kong® are known for their dog toys for power chewers so unsurprisingly, Misia’s longest lasting toys have been from Kong. She still even has a few Kong toys that have survived from when she was a puppy!

I love Kong toys so much that I have had Maasi & Misia trial and test a wide range of their toys to pick out the best ones and have started stocking those on our online store!

One of these toys is the Kong Wild Knots Bear, which is a tough plush squeaky toy (I know... who would have thought tough and plush could go together!)

Kong’s product description of this toy is as follows:

  •           Internal knotted rope skeleton satisfies dogs’ natural instincts

  •  Minimal stuffing for less mess

  • Soft yet durable

KONG Wild Knots are soft and cuddly on the outside while durable and strong on the inside. Wild Knots bears are sure to be a hit with dogs and their pet parents. Dogs love the knotted skeleton, and the reinforced plush body provides extra durability. KONG Wild Knots have less stuffing for less mess and they squeak to entice play.

That encompasses it pretty well!

But some additional info:

  • Available in 4 sizes - XS, S/M, M/L, XL
  • Available in 3 colours + Christmas editions.

My review:

I have to confess I haven’t bothered giving Misia a plush/soft dog toy in a LONG time. They usually last about 5 minutes as she is a hunting dog with a high drive - this ends up in a huge stuffing mess that I have to clean.

But when I came across the Kong Wild Knots Bear, I was intrigued and thought I’d give it a try. Well, I haven’t been disappointed!

Other than a small fabric patch that was attached to the body by 4 threads that Misia chewed off, nothing has come off the toy and there are no rips or tears on the outer.

I love seeing Misia’s instincts come out when she plays with it. She tries to rip the fur out with her teeth, chew, get into the squeaker, throws it around and shakes it. But she also looks after it and grooms it like she grooms Maasi.

I’m very impressed with how this plush dog toy has held up, although it may not last as well with dogs who fixate on chewing only.


Misia’s review:

I give 7/5 borks - much fun.

Ma had these in a cupboard and I kept breaking in until she got the hint and gave me one. I think I need more because they’re so much fun!

I love fluffy toys, but somehow they always end up exploding and going floppy soon after my hooman gives me them! The squeaky ones are the most fun, I love running around and doing the squeak with them, but they usually don’t last very long either.

This one does me an impress - as squeaky as the day I got it! Since it has hung around and not exploded on me, Ma even named him “Teddy”. I worked out for maximum squeak, I press Teddy’s belly. When Ma asks me where’s Teddy I know he’s still going to be where I left him, unexploded - 10/10 for reliability.
Ma and I sometimes fight over Teddy! She will grab a limb, I’ll grab a limb and even if I pull as hard as I can to grab my share - Teddy is too strong and never tears.

I do an appreciate and let him sleep in bed with Ma, Maasi & Me to show my gratitude for him staying around. I started by doing the kiss but his mouth fell off. Now I just look after him by cuddling, grooming and making sure he is flea free. 


  • Durable, long lasting option for high prey drive dogs who love plush toys
  • Squeaker is well protected by the rope skeleton
  • Can be used for tug play and fetch
  • Flat, embroidered eyes which are safe and can’t be chewed off
  • Minimal stuffing, so if your dog does tear into it the mess is minimal


  • Has unnecessary patches and a mouth which are easy for to pull/chew off (doesn’t effect the functionality of the toy though)
  • Whilst the fabric has fared well with Misia, I don’t believe it’s reinforced itself so it may not last well with dogs who have a tendency to fixate on chewing

All up, I give it a 4.5/5 rating, broken down into:
5/5 for value
4/5 for durability
4.5/5 for design

You can buy yours here:

To see how much fun this toy is and see what size is best for your dog, watch here:

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