The 12 Benefits of Massage | Dog and Cat Wellbeing

The 12 Benefits of Massage | Dog and Cat Wellbeing

Canine massage therapy

Why should I massage my dog or cat?

Much like when people get massages, cats and dogs can experience improvement in not only their physical but also emotional health and well-being.
The benefits of massaging your dog or cat include:

  • Relaxation (for you and them!)
  • Reduction in nervousness, anxiousness and hyperactivity
  • Improved blood flow and oxygenation
  • Better lympatic drainage and flow
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Improved muscle mobility, increased range of movement
  • Decreased recovery time from procedures
  • Decreased recovery time for sporting dogs
  • Improved performance in sporting dogs
  • Improved relationship with your pet
  • Supports your pets' immune system function
  • Relief from muscle tension, soreness, weakness and spasms.

    Further to this, when so regularly massage your pet you become more familiar with their body, and they to being touched in different ways. This can help pets who shy at the vet gain confidence about being handled. The other benefit to this, is you become more aware if there are any changes which may require veterinary care, such as lumps, bumps, rashes, cuts or tenderness.

    So what are you waiting for? Treat your pet to a nice massage.
    Watch how I give Misia her massages here:



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