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Dog Training, Tug Toy -

A quick guide about the benefits and limitations of using both food rewards and toy rewards in dog training, as well as a video of Misia and I fine-tuning her tug play for Search and Rescue work.

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Dog Training -

This blog post covers:

  1. The science behind clicker training
  2. Why you should clicker train your dog
  3. What you need to start clicker training
  4. How to clicker train your dog
  5. A video to provide you a visual of how to clicker train, and show you how you can use clicker training to teach your dog handy tricks - like helping with the laundry!

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Dog Training, Search and Rescue, Vlog -

As some of you may already know, Misia and I are involved in Search and Rescue. I get lots of questions about what we do, so I have created a vlog about most recent inter-agency training day with VicPol, which is linked at the bottom of the post. I have also answered some of the questions I most commonly get asked, but that weren't covered in the vlog in this blog post.

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