Happy Birthday Misia | Misia turns 2

Happy Birthday Misia | Misia turns 2

Dog Birthday

and also... Happy International Dog Day!

A day to celebrate the dogs we have loved and lost, appreciate what they have done for us and just admire them.
To commemorate the day, I thought I'd share a letter I wrote to Misia about how much I appreciate her for her Birthday (which just passed on the 20th of August).
If only she could understand when I read it to her, but I'm sure she feels it.
If you scroll down you can also watch the video from how I showed my appreciation by throwing Misia a Birthday Party at home.
I ask a lot of her, so it's nice to just let her be able to have fun, no rules, no agendas and no training in mind.

A Letter to My Dog


Dear Misia,

Another year with you by my side.. or me by yours depending on how you look at it.
As I like to joke, I have survived another year and lived to tell the tale.

In all seriousness, you are the most challenging, intense, batshit-crazy creature. You are also the most intelligent, brave, sweet, dedicated and driven dog I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. You are SO spirited, and you never give up. These are all the things that make you the best dog ever in my eyes, but also not everyone's cup of tea.

People have one of two polar opposite reactions to you - they find your speed, cheekiness and enthusiasm for everything impressive and endearing or they growl at you and say something's wrong with you. The latter are wrong, they just don't understand you.

I remember being at the beach this past year, and a woman was watching you as you scaled 10 metres up the cliff face at full speed, then effortlessly turn around, ran back down, making your way toward the bay for a swim. Without missing a beat, you picked up my one and only towel on the way through, and dragged it across the water, before ditching it in favour of swimming unencumbered. This woman mused "you're going to live a full life with her" and she wasn't wrong.

Who would have thought the dog I bought to train in Therapy and Assistance work would lead me down the very different path of Search and Rescue? Certainly not me!
But you inspired me to do more, be more and try harder. People ask me how we got into SAR. I tell them "I had a dog that needed a job". It's simple as that, it's what you needed, so it's what I gave you. It's been an amazing journey watching you fulfil your boundless potential, and I can't wait to see what you accomplish in this next year. You do the work, I just guide you.

Another year older, and a little bit wiser. You've added some impressive skills to your repertoire - from unscrewing caps from water bottles to help yourself to the mineral water inside, to opening drawers, climbing ladders and working out how to open zips. Problem solving is certainly a strength of yours, however I hope this next year you gain the virtue of patience.

Thank you for taking me on this rollercoaster ride with you, for bringing us to a group of amazing people that we now call team mates, for forgiving me when I make mistakes and teaching me to be more dynamic, sensitive and intuitive.
To some, you may be just a dog. But to me, you're family, you're my K9 partner and a teacher.

I commit to honouring the promise I made when I bought you, and to continue providing for you in the way that you need. If I'm ever not, I'm sure you'll let me know - but never hesitate to make it known - I signed up for this.

Thank you for putting so much trust in me. The kind of trust that you will do as I ask, even if it worries you (grate stairs, I'm looking at you). I love how you will do these things again and again, even when I don't ask just to prove you can; so proud and full of yourself for conquering your fear.

I appreciate you in your entirety. You're a crazy bitch, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Your human xx


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